Filing a Patent Application in Europe or Germany or a Utility Model in Germany

We can support and represent you by filings of patent applications in Europe and Germany and by entry of regional and national phases in Europe and Germany of an international patent application.

Detailed information about entry into regional stage in Europe and national stage in Germany or filings in Europe and Germany can be provided upon request. Generally, we charge only a flat fee until receipt of the search report or first office action. The following links provide information about the most important requirements.

National Phase in Germany with the German Patent and Trademark Office as
designated Office (PCT)

The time limit for entering national phase in Germany is 30 months. When entering national phase in Germany, a German translation of the application as published and of the Art. 19 PCT amendments and/or of the Art. 34 PCT amendments must be filed.

Request for examination can be postponed for seven years after the international filing date.

The GPTO charges a moderate claim fee starting from the 11th claim since 1 October 2009.

We can assist you in all aspect of filing and prosecuting a German patent application as national phase of a PCT application.