Filing a Patent Application in Europe or Germany or a Utility Model in Germany

We can support and represent you by filings of patent applications in Europe and Germany and by entry of regional and national phases in Europe and Germany of an international patent application.

Detailed information about entry into regional stage in Europe and national stage in Germany or filings in Europe and Germany can be provided upon request. Generally, we charge only a flat fee until receipt of the search report or first office action. The following links provide information about the most important requirements.

Regional Phase in Europe with EPO as Designated Office (PCT)

The time limit for entering regional phase with the EPO as designated Office is 31 months from the priority date. After this term, further processing is possible within two months after receiving the notice from the European Patent Office about failing to observe the time limit for entering regional phase before the EPO upon a 50% surcharge to the official fees.

Upon entry into regional phase before the EPO a translation of the application documents into English, French or German has to be provided, if the international application in published in another language.

The application documents can be adapted to the requirements of the EPO after entry of regional (national) phase in Europe. The EPO notifies the applicant after entering regional phase that the claims and description can be amended within a term of six month. It is highly recommended to adapt the claims in response to such notification to the practice at the EPO. Since there is high claim fee for the 16th and each further claim, the number of claims should to be reduced to 15 in order to save the claim fees. Moreover the number of independent claims per category (product, process) can be reduced, since the EPO accepts a plurality of independent claims in the same category only in exceptions, and since 1 April 2010 searches - apart from exceptions - only one independent claim per category. We will advise you about fulfilling the requirements of the EPO.

The costs for entering regional phase in Europe vary depending on the international search authority, whether international preliminary examination has been requested, the number of pages and the number of claims. Depending on the international search authority, there is a discount on the official search fee. We will provide an individual cost estimate upon request.